Core Team

Core Team

Prabhat Saxena

Founder and CEO
Prabhat SaxenaFounder and CEO

Even after 69 years since the Independence, a major chunk of India’s population still have no exposure to the basic education. Even those who manage to get admissions in schools to pursue primary education remain clueless to push up their academic career ahead in the absence of proper guidance to them. Acute poverty and inability of the poor parents living in the villages and small towns are forcing children to stay away from schools, even as the government has been doing its bit to fund the cost of primary education in the country.
Prabhat Saxena, the Founder & CEO of the Srijan Ka Sankalp, has seen all this from a very close quarter while pursuing his education from Rath, a small and nondescript town of Uttar Pradesh. Even as he became a school topper in + 2 examinations, lack of proper knowledge and guidance initially proved to be a deterrent in his pursuit for higher studies. In those days, it is quite difficult to get admissions in premier engineering and medical colleges of the country, but his dream of making it big in his life and his penchant for choosing a career in engineering which at that point of time was considered to be one of the most respected and sought after professions in the country, pushed him towards the IIT.

After getting into IIT, it felt like a dream come true for him but, he had another bombshell waiting for him when Prabhat met fellow students who were far smarter and had exposure to extracurriculars unlike students from villages and small towns. Soon after joining the IIT, he realized how much it was difficult for small-town boys to seek admission in premier engineering colleges, academic institutions unless and until they have someone to guide them, motivate them and encourage them. This very thought and his eagerness to do something for the underprivileged, poor children who have no proper means and support to pursue their dreams and propel their academic career, prompted him to start his own NGO – Srijan Ka Soch at his home town way back in 2004.
Since then, there has been no looking back for him. In the past 15 years, Srijan Ka Soch has evolved into Srijan Ka Sankalp, transforming the lives of thousands of children, students in his hometown and surrounding areas. Now he is determined to replicate the success of his NGO at pan India level.

Ravindra Gupta

Director , Operations
Ravindra GuptaDirector , Operations

Hailing from small town of Rath in Hamirpur district of western UP, which is academically one of the most underdeveloped part of country it was a difficult school days for Ravindra Kumar Gupta. He completed his Bachelors in Science in Nautical Science in 2010 from T.S Chanakya, Mumbai.

He started his professional career with Marine Trust of Greece after passing out from college as a Nautical Officer and worked extensively on the various European port for 1 year before realising that his passion lies somewhere else. He came back to India and joined as chemistry faculty to follow his childhood dream of changing the educational landscape in India.

He first came in contact with Srijan EK Soch at the age of 15, and was helped immensely by the guidance he received through various senior educational professionals. Today after 14 years of journey with the organisation and turning from a young child looking for guidance to the Director of Operations for Srijan he has given a lot back to the organisation and the society as a whole. He has been constantly guiding students every year as Chemistry faculty as well as in personal capacity with the organisation. Since becoming the Director for Operations, he has been focused towards increasing the efficiency of the organisation to find truly deserving beneficiaries and increase the presence of Srijan Ek Soch in the social service networks to rope in more volunteers.

Ravindra is married and recently is blessed with his second baby boy. He considers himself lucky to have Roshani Gupta as wife who has also contributed a lot towards the organisation by helping girl children. The couple is always available and ever approachable for everyone who seeks help.

Shubham Shankhdhar

Director , Health & Skill
Shubham ShankhdharDirector , Health & Skill

Shubham Shankhdhar believes that Education is the most powerful weapon which one can use to change the world. He belongs to a family where education was not given much of the importance as most of his family members were into the business with basic education. Luckily his father and mother, government employees knew the importance of education and their sacrifices to send their kids to the best school brings the best out of Shubham. After schooling he went to Kota for IIT
coaching and soon he became the first IITian of his family. Upon selection, the joy which he has seen on his parent’s face made him realise that he wants to contribute in education sector to uplift the society so that he can see the same joy for lot of families in India. He went to IIT(ISM) Dhanbad and pursued B tech in Petroleum Engineering. While he was there he was actively involved with Kartavya ,a national NGO, run by students and alumni of IIT(ISM) Dhanbad and associated colleges.

He adopted 2 under privileged girls from Dhanbad and took pledge to fund their education till they become successful in their life. Apart from that, he helped his younger brothers and sisters realise the importance of education. After graduating from IIT (ISM) Dhanbad, he joined Weatherford India and there he stayed with Founder and CEO of Srijan Ka Sankalp Prabhat Saxena who was his alumni.

Vision of Prabhat Saxena towards upliftment of the society by bringing more awareness towards the education impressed him a lot and he decided to work closely with him for this noble cause. He has been an active member of Srijan ka Soch which has now evolved as “Srijan ka Sankalp” and has taken pledge to work closely with Prabhat Saxena’s vision of transforming lives of thousands of children.

His Father Mr. Surendra Kumar Shankhdhar , Mother Mrs.Rama Shankhdhar, brother Mr. Shivam Shankhdhar are actively involved with an NGO for old people at his native place Moradabad, UP for almost a decade now. Shubham is really lucky to have his wife Mrs. Kritika Shankhdhar and son Aarav Shankhdhar in his life , who are very supportive and encouraging for all his decisions and acts.

Nikhil Srivastav

Director , Public Relations
Nikhil SrivastavDirector , Public Relations

Growing up in various cities of India, Nikhil Srivastava has been through a lot of changes and seen challenges people face in education during transitions. An Electrical Engineer from University of Pune with a management degree in international business with almost 15 years of corporate experience, he has traveled extensively across India and world. Nikhil’s core competence lies in building strong systems, processes and team development. He brings in a lot of passion, experience and understanding of the development sector.

Mobilizing communities and catalyzing schools to deliver basic learning on a mass scale has been one of his primary interests.

Inspired by his family who have been constantly involved in providing  guidance and support to the society, he has been working in various capacities for numerous “not for profit” initiatives.

From an early age he has been working in rural and social development projects such as adopting government school to build and renovate basic facilities, providing free medical facilities to starting night school for his underprivileged neighborhood.

He strongly believes in “At the end of the day it’s not about what you have or even what you’ve accomplished… it’s about who you’ve lifted up, who you’ve made better. It’s about what you’ve given back.”


Director , IT
Prasad SARABUDirector , IT

Prasad SARABU is a native of Warangal (from the state of Telangana in India), has lived in UAE from 2008 until 2016, later migrated and living in Qatar since 2017. Prasad is part of couple of other NGO’s supporting Medical and Educational needs. His bi-cultural background and focus on community collaboration for Education and Medical services has led him to a number of voluntary opportunities and community participant roles. Prasad received his Bachelor degree in Computer Applications from Osmania University.
Prasad is married and blessed with a daughter. He feels so lucky to have a wife who understands and support him in every thought and act. He worked on couple of projects that are benefited with immediate results and also being part of a community that focuses on identifying the education needs those who benefit on a long run.
Prasad from his childhood believes in helping others either by creating an awareness and making them realize the facts around OR by providing assistance and guidance, he believes that helping hands are most important act in life as many people in this world need support from others either financially or from the knowledge they possess.
Prasad was raised in a middle class family where receiving a quality life and education is like a dream come true, he has undergone many ups and downs throughout his childhood and determined to make sure that no other child goes through the same path especially when it comes to the education. He is keen in helping every individual who deserves it.
He believes that “Information in Wealth”, one cannot steal but only can be passed to another.

Punit Dubey

Director, Integration & Compliance
Punit DubeyDirector, Integration & Compliance

“Punit is a Geologist from BHU, Varanasi, presently working with Halliburton as Technical consultant. Having done his education from KV and BHU, he has seen the inequality of classes in his educational journey and is firm believer in the fact that only education can up bring the low underprivileged classes to the age of equality. Traveling all over India – his belief in the power of education turned in to faith. He has been an active contributor to various NGOs working in the child welfare and education domain and feel privileged to be inducted as a member of Srijan Ka Sankalp. He believes in the vision of the Founders of the organization and sees himself helping them achieve and over achieve the ambitions year on year.”

Anurag Bharti

Director, Education (Saksham Bharat)
Anurag BhartiDirector, Education (Saksham Bharat)

Anurag BHARATI is a native of the mineral rich state of Jharkhand, India. A Petroleum engineer by profession, he resides in Doha along with his wife.
His professional career has given him opportunity to live in different parts of the world and witness the prevalent economic disparity.  Anurag has been a strong advocate of providing equal opportunities to children coming from the economically weaker section of our society. Being born in a Indian middle class family has made him well aware of the challenges faced by kids of modest means.  He tries to live by his ideologies and strongly believe in his life mantra of constant learning.
“Don’t be a know-it all, be a learn-it-all” – Satya Nadella

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