What we do?

In our pursuit to spread education, promote health awareness , health care facilities and impart skill development training among students, the research team of our NGO has designed various modules scientifically. These include:

  • Surveys : With the help of questionnaire drafted by our team conducts survey of people living in villages, slums on various parameters such as economic, educational and health. In case, these villages or slums lag behind in any of the above-mentioned parameters, we adopt them and help people raise their level in the fields of education, health and economic development.

Adopting village/slum:   After an extensive analysis of the survey findings, a complete one year plan is chalked to gradually lift villages/slums on the given parameters. Thereafter, separate teams are constituted for respective regions to start centres, develop infrastructure and arrange funds for these centre to meet the expenses for a year.

Focusing education: At the outset, we first we pay attention towards children’s informal education. Thereafter, we interact with parents and convince them to send their children to our study centres, which are located nearby the adopted villages/slums. Classes are divided according to intellect level of children and accordingly, proper schedules are made. In the next course of our plan, we cover maximum children of the adopted villages/slums to impart teachings to them. Regularity is maintained through recruitment of graduate teachers. 

Setting up library: Library is set up in the village/slum in order to provide children a space to study and complete their home works during night when there is no electricity at their homes. A diverse collection of academic and non-academic books, study material, inverter, proper drinking water supply and lavatories are provided.

Admission in school: We help children get admissions in good private and government schools so as to get a quality education. Besides, education, the children in these schools are also taught moral values, discipline, cultural attributes, extra curricular activities so as to transform and evolve them into better human

Skill development:  Skill Development Cell (SDC) works to groom children and develop their personalities. Cultural activities like singing, dancing, drawing, enacting a story, art and craft etc. are taught. Children are updated with the current affairs and GK. Other activities like mental mathematics, word game, and other mental games are also held. Besides yoga, meditation classes are also conducted for mental and spiritual development of children, students. The students are also prepared for events and competition at school so as to enable them to give their best in competitions..

Health care: Health camp in the village/slum is organized to identify the prevalent diseases and necessary measures are taken accordingly. Most of the children suffer from malnutrition, seasonal diseases (cold and cough, fever etc.), sanity and drinking water problems (stomach ache, flu, malaria, typhoid, diarrhoea, etc.), vision problem, epilepsy, abscess, anaemia, skin diseases, chicken pox etc. Health team discusses on the causes, symptoms, prevention, cure and common medication and takes necessary steps.

Computer education and English speaking: A special team dedicated to prepare these children according to current trends of world. Accordingly, the team helps these children acquire computer literacy and the knack of English speaking which are prerequisite to become successful in competitive world.

Vocational training and education for adults: Once the guardians , parents realize significance of education , our team also imparts vocational training to parents, aged ladies and grown up boys for their self employment and socio economic self reliance.

Awareness: General awareness programs are conducted by our team members for parents for their effective parenting child care, family planning, govt. schemes, sanity and health care, early marriage, balanced diets etc.

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